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In-house Physician Services and Therapy Services

Therapy services? No need to worry!

We take care of the details!

Life at The Springs is easy, and that includes no-hassle access to health care services. The Springs offers in-house therapy services, and in-house physician services are coming soon. We make it simple to get the care you need!

Therapy Services


Legacy Healthcare Services is a Medicare Certified Rehab Agency that provides Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services. With an office that is on-site at The Springs, Legacy offers a convenient way for residents to receive therapy services without leaving their home. Legacy’s services are both rehabilitative and preventative with a strong component of health and fitness education. Therapeutic techniques and programs incorporate principles of rehabilitation and healthy aging, emphasizing home and community independence.

Legacy has a variety of clinical programs aimed at ensuring that the seniors that we serve are provided with every opportunity to live their best life. Whether you are receiving skilled therapy services or participating in our Live Well walking club, you are guaranteed to be happy with Legacy’s programming. We look forward to meeting you!

Physician Services

The Springs at Simpsonville partners with local physicians to bring services to our residents. No need to worry about scheduling and remembering appointments. No need to worry about getting to and from the doctor’s office. The Springs makes access to health care easier than ever before.

Podiatrist Jamelah Lemon with the Foot Clinic of South Carolina visits The Springs on a regular basis, and residents can sign up for services as needed.

Beginning in April, 2016, we are excited to welcome Dr. Christopher Scott Montjoy as a health care partner for our residents at The Springs. Our wellness director will coordinate visits for those residents who wish to see Dr. Montjoy.

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